Hello, I am Lisa:  

Wife of over twenty years, mom of one great college guy, crafter, jewelry artist, quilter, self-proclaimed fabric hog, Basenji (dog) Rescue Volunteer (BRAT), and occasional hobby photographer... Just to name  a few of my most favorite things!

I decided to start a blog quite a while back. It was about quilting and crafting.  However, I somehow became completely immersed with being a dedicated "Show Choir Mom."  I spent many hours working a full-time job while volunteering for my son's show choir.  I loved what I was doing. Those were fun times traveling with that group of talented teens and cheering them on!  There was collaboration with the other parents in helping to build and paint stage sets and alter costumes.  I also found myself taking photographs and managing their website.  All of this was the reason for my unfortunate blogging absence.  Honesty is something to be valued, which is why I am explaining myself.  To be completely honest, I wouldn't trade a moment of that time with my son and his show choir days.  

There is something I have learned about during those last few years.  I adore taking photographs, enjoy the challenge of managing a website and I miss my quilting.  My creative side is still a huge part of me!  I am back now, with some new skills, and stronger than ever.  I just have so many ideas to share with you!

Quilts, quilting information, project ideas, fabric and crafts will be my main focus.  It is a lot of fun for me to find so many other people who share the same passion of cutting up fabric and re-assembling it to create a whole new "blanket" of fabric.  Of course, sometimes I will include other areas of my life. What kind of blog would it be if I never shared more than just one small part of my life?

Before I finish typing, I would like to thank my husband and son for their support of all my endeavors.  My loves are always here by my side, cheering me on and helping provide even more inspiration for me to share with you! 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  You are quite welcome to bookmark Bolt Mountain Quilts and Crafts.  Just follow me as we piece together memories one quilt at a time...

Sew glad you visited!

You can contact me at the following email address:

    findmedreaming (at) gmail (dot) com

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