Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Foliage

I have always loved Autumn!  There is such a magical feeling in the season, with all of it's beautifully colored leaves.  This is a photograph that I took last Fall and I had to share!  Not only does it represent to me a passageway from one season into another, but it also shows an interesting perspective.  I am just crazy about the bright, seasonal hues and how the contrast of the dark, rusty railings stand out against those bright yellow background trees! 

I really do treasure walking in the woods this time of year.  The rustling of leaves as they fall from the trees is so peaceful.  I could get lost in it all, drinking in everything in through all of my senses... Ahh, yes, but choosing to walk in a park instead might be a smarter choice during hunting season! 

Isn't the view gorgeous!  This photo was taken standing on the bridge, looking out over the creek.  I was able to "catch" a lot more color in this one.  God paints such beautiful scenes for us to enjoy!  And I hope you enjoyed how I "captured" these moments of Autumn's majestic beauty. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goodbye Cute Summer Outfits

I've Made the Cutest Little Baby Clothes!

1 Bandana + 1 Bandana = "Pillow-Case Dress"

Red Shirt + Bandana = Instant Cowboy

 I got a lil' carried away with yo-yo embellishments, lol!

They just make everything look so adorable.

 For the boys I added sweet, little "manly" ties...

"Sporty" Stripes for a Dapper Boy.

 Start your baby girl out right with fashionable, matching shoes:

These Booties are just as pretty in person!

Hope you liked my baby gear.  I had so much fun making it!