Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Jewelry Creations

 Well, I'm still on a jewelry making roll here lately!  Just a couple (or maybe a few) more pieces... and then it will be time to work with some fabrics.  I seriously think that my sewing machine is feeling just a bit neglected!  It is crazy how many things I would like to pursue in the craft world.  My husband actually enjoys going with me to hobby and crafts stores.  Last time we went, I had picked up a book about another "new-to-me" crafting technique.  Gently enough and with that all-knowing smirk... he said, "slow down, Lisa, you have too many new projects to try at home as it is."  Yes, yes... that is so very true!  

Summer's finally here!  I decided to make sweet summer themed pieces. 

The 1st is a Colorful sea life necklace & charm bracelet set in beachy blue & green hues.

The 2nd, a chunky silver daisy pendant anchored on a light blue, glass beaded lariat. 

 I'm venturing outside my box on the next ones, but it makes life fun!



1.) A chunky, ornate copper cross pendant necklace with pearls and rich amber toned gemstones.
2.) Trendy, gold chain stacked bracelets with alternating neutral beads and gold ring accents.

Now, for ear bling!  Have to remind myself about earrings sometimes.

Up first:  Pretty little butterflies are just perfect for this time of year.  I truly adore butterflies and dragonflys!

Secondly: Dainty, monochromatic silver earrings.  I included a small leaf, a little flower and a teeny-tiny dragonfly, too!   

Silverware jewelry is popular.  I gave it a try!  What do you think?

I've got to admit, the silverware pieces were hard work, but I love them so much!  I'm sure that I could not do many of them over a long period of time.  My hands were sore after making a batch, lol!  Still, so very worth it all in the end. 

For now, I must bid you all farewell.  There is so much work to be done around here... However, I must first thank you for stopping by and visiting Bolt Mountain Quilts & Crafts blog today.  I really enjoy sharing my quilts, crafts, jewelry and a little bit about life here at the farm.  I hope you've enjoyed yourself, as well!  And maybe... just maybe, took the time to unwind a little from your busy life.