Thursday, February 13, 2014


 WiLd WeaTHer

I can't help but say that over a foot and a half of snow is a bit too much!  Still yet, it makes for quite beautiful scenery.  However, my Bella (Basenji) dog is not too crazy about it all.  She is doing her best to stick very close to the house, as the snow in the yard is about the same height as her!

This is a photo of what Bella is looking at.  I think it is so pretty!

If you ask me, though... I will say this is the best kind of day for a wonderful activity.  Can you possibly think of anything better to do on a day like this other than quilting or crafting?  I guess drinking hot cocoa might be an acceptable answer, but why can't I can have my cocoa and quilt too!

I will now leave you with a photo I took of a famous waterfall, Cathedral Falls.  I love how it looks all iced over and with the blue sky above.  Such a rare opportunity for an amazing photograph!